Urla, which is 50 km away from İzmir, can be described as a typical Aegean town. It is a favorite of those seeking peace with its calm nature and streets that always preserve their nostalgia. It is a touristic region that draws attention with its various touristic activities, as well as offering a pleasant holiday opportunity to its visitors with its proximity to İzmir, Çeşme and Seferihisar regions and its nature, pleasant places and delicious Aegean dishes.


Iskele Street, the first stop of Urla travelers, is 5 minutes away from the center of Urla and is an area that shows how colorful Urla can be with its various shops along the coast.

The favorite products of the Pier Market, where you can shop for organic fruits and vegetables on Saturdays and Sundays, are Aegean herbs, artichokes and pink tomatoes.

Quarantine Island is one of the interesting places to visit. The island, which was used as a quarantine zone during the Ottoman period, was established by the French to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, as the name suggests. It was converted into a Bone and Joint Diseases Hospital in 1960 and became a state hospital 26 years later.

The island consists of two parts. On the left is the state hospital belonging to the Ministry of Health, and on the right is the other hospital building managed by a private company. Unfortunately, it is forbidden to enter the island and can only be viewed from the outside; however, you can swim from the beach on the right side of the island, and you can watch this view from the water..

Klazomenai, one of the Ionian cities, starts from the back of Urla İskele Street. In time, the city moved to Quarantine Island and allocated this area to agriculture, and over the years, it returned to the land and established a new city in the same place. Today, excavations are trying to illuminate the ancient period; you can even see an olive oil production facility belonging to that period when you go.

The stone house in Urla, used by the family of Greek poet Yorgo Seferis as a summer residence, is another place you can see in Urla.

The story of the house, which coincides with the parallel of Iskele Street, begins when the Seferis family locked their doors and moved to Athens without buying a single item from their houses in Izmir and Urla after the start of the First World War. Seferis, who went to Paris to study law at the age of 18 and later became a diplomat, was appointed as the undersecretary of the Greek Embassy in Ankara between 1940-1950 after serving in different cities of the world.

Yorgo Seferis, whose love for İzmir has always prevailed until this time, comes to visit İzmir in 1950. Of course, with the change over the years, neither the house in Izmir nor the cottage in
Urla can survive. He died in 1963, 8 years after receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature.
This stone house, where Seferis lived in Urla, is now serving as a hotel under the name Yorgo Seferis’s House after being restored to its original form.

This is probably the most popular street in Urla, which is intertwined with art. The fact that Art Street, whose real name is Zafer Caddesi, took its current form was discovered and inhabited by artists many years ago.

The tradition continues today on Zafer Street, which has been the meeting point of people interested in art since ancient times. By coming to Sanat Sokak, you can wander around the design boutiques, concept spaces, second-hand booksellers, ceramics and antique stalls lined up side by side. It is a must-see for those who want to buy gifts from Urla, decorate their home, and in short, return with a memory from Urla.

Urla, which is famous for its vineyards, can be considered as the Tuscany of our country today. In this tour, which will not fit in one day; Urla’s Vineyard Road definitely deserves a separate trip. The producers you can visit on Vineyard Road; URLA, MMG, Mozaik, Urlice, USCA and Limantepe.

Urla Vineyard House is also a joy, even if it is not produced. By visiting these facilities, you can get information about wine production and have a free tasting. Of course, for all these tours, you need to be 18 years old. Each winery on the Urla Vineyard Road offers its guests a different experience.

Altınköy Marika Beach, Demircili Bay, Çeşmealtı Blue Beach, Malgaça Bay and Yassıca Island are some of the places where you can swim in Urla.