As the blue peninsula of Muğla, the friendly city of the Aegean, it welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world every summer. It is an indispensable tourism center with its historical texture that has been preserved until today and its natural beauties that make you feel the colors of summer, as well as the picture of purple bougainvillea hanging from the blue windows of its white houses. Basement; A place that has a smile for everyone who goes. According to some, September is the best time, and according to others, May is; but in fact, experience every season and every day of Bodrum with the difference of MegaronHomes.


Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum, which is among the important and few museums in the world, has the distinction of being the only underwater archeology museum in Turkey. In this museum, located in Bodrum Castle, the artifacts from the excavations in Bodrum and its surroundings, as well as the remains from underwater excavations are exhibited.
There are 14 exhibition halls in the museum, and most of the exhibits are amphorae. Some of these amphorae are gifts from those who are interested in sponge diving. Apart from the amphorae, we can say that the most important item in the museum is the sunken ship remains. This sunken ship remains, which belongs to a boat that sank in 1025, is exhibited in the Serçe Harbor Glass Wreck Hall and is known to be the oldest sunken ship remains in the world.
The museum, which includes many more ruins, should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Bodrum! It is possible to come across a separate ruin, a separate shipwreck and a different historical texture in each exhibited hall.

Known for his music, Zeki Müren spent the last years of his life in his two-storey house in Bodrum. After Zeki Müren passed away, this house where he lived was converted into a museum and started to operate as the Zeki Müren Art Museum.
Why should I go? In the front garden of the museum; Zeki Müren’s car and bronze statue are on the upper floor; stage costumes, jewelry, paintings, awards, photographs and personal items such as this are on display. At the same time, you can even find letters from fans in this museum.
By examining the documents related to Zeki Müren’s life and works, you will have the chance to get to know him better, and we are sure that you will experience nostalgia when you see his photographs and stage clothes.

Bodrum Maritime Museum was first exhibiting its works in a tent set up in front of Bodrum Castle in 2010. Later, with the contributions of Bodrum Municipality, the old covered bazaar building was collected and opened to the public as a museum.
Among the works exhibited in the museum; There are Bodrum type boat models and seashells collected from many different places. Apart from these artifacts, private belongings, photographs and historical documents belonging to Halicarnassus fisherman Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı are exhibited. At the same time, various events and seminars are constantly held in the museum. Thus, when you visit the museum, it seems quite possible to come across these activities.

Dibeklihan Culture and Art Village, which was opened in 2013 for the accommodation and needs of the passengers, is highly appreciated due to its wonderful architecture and location.
Inside; There are many more complexes such as art galleries, design workshops, handicraft shops, restaurants, cafes.
Why should I go? In addition, Dibeklihan Culture and Art Village hosts various exhibitions (sculpture, painting, etc.), film and dance performances, concerts, fashion shows and many artistic and cultural events. At the same time, organizations such as engagements, weddings and invitations are organized during the summer months. In the section called “The Chest Room”, which is reserved as an ethnographic exhibition area, the items used by the local people in daily life are exhibited.
Dibeklihan Culture and Art Village will create a different atmosphere in every respect and will allow you to spend pleasant moments with the exhibitions, events and organizations!

Located in Gumbet Neighborhood, Bar Street, also known as Gumbet Bar Street, is one of the places where many local and foreign tourists flock. You can enjoy entertainment in every hour of the day and night, especially in this place where there are more celebrities.
Why should I go? Bar Street, which has a colorful and sparkling environment, is a place full of restaurants, cafes, vendors, bars, discos and venues of famous artists. From the moment you start walking on Bar Street, you will be caught in the atmosphere of the slowly increasing music and you will throw yourself into one of these places as soon as possible.

Bodrum Tuzla Bird Sanctuary, located 25 km from the center, is home to 125 different bird species. In Bodrum Tuzla Bird Sanctuary; You can have the chance to closely examine many different bird species such as six cranes, meke, wild goose and many more. We should also point out that the most striking of all these birds is the flamingo. They get the most attention, and they are not wrong.
Why should I go? We recommend that you come to this place, which is the most preferred place for photography lovers and the number one address for animal lovers, in March and April. Because these months are the breeding season of birds and you can witness the migration movements with their dances during these times. When you come across it, be sure that you will have a lot of fun and enjoyable moments!

Cennet Bay, which is 20 km away from the center of Bodrum, is a bay just like its name… The number one stopover point of the blue cruise, the bay is one of the most beautiful bays of Bodrum. The fact that the turquoise sea is clean and the nature is green is an invaluable feature.
At the same time, there is a camping area called Cennet Kamp located in the bay, and you can find the opportunity to camp as you wish. However, it should be noted that it is forbidden to set up a tent or light a fire anywhere outside of this area!

Bitez, one of the greenest areas of Bodrum, has increased its popularity in recent years. It is a region that is frequently visited due to the fact that it has one of the most beautiful bays, its beach is ideal for surfing, and it is surrounded by citrus and olive trees. At the same time, when you come to Bitez, you will see that you can do all kinds of activities comfortably. Whether you are into surfing or any other water sport, or go on a bike tour or boat tour.

Surrounded by tangerine gardens, Göltürkbükü, formerly Gölköy, is located 23 km from Bodrum. Göltürkbükü, formed by the merger of two settlements, Gölköy and Türkbükü, is almost a hidden place with its air, water and nature… You can walk in its lively streets, sunbathe on the beach and participate in different activities by doing water sports.
Why should I go? Golturkbuku, during the day; venues that host DJs and celebrities on the beaches and hold parties, and at night; It hosts places where you can have fun until the first light of the morning. You should definitely allocate a part of your holiday to this favorite place where you can have fun day and night.

When it comes to “fishing pleasure in Bodrum”, the first place that comes to mind is Yalikavak. Yalıkavak, which has easy access to everywhere, is quite ambitious in providing its visitors with very entertaining and enjoyable moments. Yalıkavak, which has plenty of beaches and entertainment venues, has been very popular especially in recent years.
Why should I go? At the end of the tree-lined walking paths, the Windmills, the symbol of Yalikavak, will welcome you. Yalıkavak Marina, which is also one of the most striking locations, features luxury restaurants, shops and entertaining venues. We definitely recommend you to see this place on your holiday to taste fresh seafood and add flavor to your holidays.

Gumusluk, which takes its name from the gray color reflected in the sea at sunset, is one of the magnificent spots with its ancient gateway, Rabbit Island and natural beauties. In addition, it is one of the indispensables of Bodrum with its restaurants lined up in rows and souvenir shops.
Why should I go? You can sit in the bohemian restaurants, watch the sunset and spend very pleasant hours. In order to relieve your mental fatigue, spend romantic moments and experience peace within yourself, it is imperative that you sit in one of the places by the sea.

Gundogan, the indispensable home of fishermen, is located 25 km from Bodrum center. The unique beauty of this place; hidden in the detached houses and the fruit trees hanging out from the gardens of the houses.
Why should I go? If you want to spend a quiet and peaceful time, beautify your home by purchasing handmade items or make your loved ones happy, this is the best choice. If you are a water sports lover, we definitely recommend you to visit this place to catch this pleasure in the windy sea.

Located 3 km from Bodrum, Gumbet is famous for its Bar Street and is the heart of nightlife. It is not possible to see Bar Street, which hosts millions of people every year, empty in the summer season. The street, which is flocked by tourists and locals, is the perfect place to get your fill of fun. Thus, you will enjoy the sand, sun and sea during the day and enjoy the fun at night. If you are one of those holidaymakers who prioritize entertainment, your favorite location will be Gumbet!

Güvercinlik, located 15 km from Bodrum, is a small and charming neighborhood. Do not think about what to do in this tiny place, each holiday resort of Bodrum is beautiful. When you come to Güvercinlik, you can take a long walk on the beach and then have a raki-fish table in a restaurant.